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Tune Up Southington CT

Wayne’s Townline Service has provided customers in Southington, CT and surrounding areas with tires and wheels for 28 years. We want our customers to ride safely and in style, so we carry only the best stock. We are committed to providing affordable, reliable tires and wheels for our customers.

Much like the braking system, tires play a pivotal role in keeping you and your family safe. While tires can be easy to overlook when talking about repairs and maintenance, they directly affect fuel economy and vehicle handling. Most damage to tires occurs from improper inflation, from uneven wear, to potential blowouts. The wear of tire tread can impact handling, as the tire can slip and cause you to lose control of your vehicle.

We recommend a tire rotation while you’re in for an oil change, so your tires wear more evenly. We also recommend customers have a set of winter tires for the cold months. While all-season tires are a great all-around tire, there’s no substitute for the grip and handling you get from winter tires on snow and ice, especially when those vicious Nor’easters hit our area.

If you are ready for a tire rotation or a new set of tires or wheels, please give us a call at 860-747-6929 and we can go over options with you!